Technology for self defense

Technology for self defense

We hear a lot about how criminals are using new technologies to commit more and more sophisticated crimes against the unsuspecting public. We also know that governments are using all the technology at their disposal to find out as much about us as they can, in case we ever happen to appear on one of their lists. Whether you’re more afraid of the government or of criminals gangs (or if… Read Article →

Tips for getting more done

Tips for getting more done

It very often seems to me that there aren’t enough hours in the day on this planet. How else could it be possible for so many people around the world to spend every day at work, getting things done, only to have to work overtime? Perhaps there was some singular event which caused our planet to spin faster than it is supposed to? Perhaps there should really be 36 hours… Read Article →

vegan smoothies

The best vegan smoothies

If you’ve started transitioning to a vegan lifestyle, you’ve almost certainly found out about smoothies. Smoothies and veganism often go hand-in-hand these days and allow you to save time preparing fancy salads or other meals. Plenty of my friends, vegan and non-vegan chug a smoothie for breakfast. I usually get through about four a day and then have light regular meals on top of that. Whatever works for you, a… Read Article →

House So Cold

House So Cold

I have always loved big old houses; modern houses just don’t do it for me.  I like everything about them, their history, unique style and each one has their differences and quirks. I don’t even mind that they are usually or can be, in a state of disrepair. With this in mind, it is no real surprise that I went into property development.  First I worked for someone and then… Read Article →

Stand Mixer

Brilliant Uses for a Stand Mixer

If you are worried about the expense of a stand mixer, worry no more. Here are 15 uses for a stand mixer.  These will not only make you wonder why you didn’t buy one before, you can also replace most of your other gadgets and machines in your kitchen with one. Meatballs  A stand mixer can mash any kind of meat up, it will grind in the onions and flour… Read Article →

Healthier Student’s Life

A Healthier Student’s Life

I am a university student.  It is something I have always aspired to and I am well on my way to becoming a fully qualified doctor. Helping people is something I have always wanted to do and becoming a doctor seems like a great way to do this. As a trainee doctor, eating healthily is something that is so important to me. I have seen so many health issues with… Read Article →

Lawn Mower

Buying a Lawn Mower?

There are many manufacturers that produce good quality and reliable lawn mowers. From entry level models right up to fancy ride on mowers. There is a choice that suits every lawn. A few important factors to consider are: How big is your lawn? Do you need a lightweight, compact model for a small area or a powerful, heavy duty model for larger areas with long grass? Are you physically fit,… Read Article →

Nespesso George Clooney

The Connection Between George Clooney and Espresso

There are movie stars and there are movies stars, and then there is George Clooney. Right now, George Clooney is a major Hollywood player of such iconic status, his presence lends an air of utter glamour to any project he’s involved in. That’s why Clooney’s appearance in a series of commercials for Nespresso coffee definitely drew attention to the brand, and espresso drinking in general. The Advantages of Hollywood Glamour… Read Article →

Secret Recipes

Sometime Secret Recipes Need To Remain A Secret

One of my very first jobs was at a very upscale, prestigious restaurant and inn in Ohio. People came from allover the country just to stay at this historical inn and eat at their four-star restaurant. I worked in the kitchen, assisting in the bakery and salad preparation areas. We had quite a few very popular dishes, especially the chef’s extravagant salads. One of these salads was a meal in… Read Article →


5 Homemade Treatments for Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus — known to doctors by the technical names of (dermatophytic) onychomycosis (from the Greek words ὄνυξ nail or claw and μύκης fungus) and tinea unguium (Latin for moth nail) — is one of the most common diseases in these parts of the body, causing about half of all abnormalities of the nails. (It occurs in the fingernails too, but much less often.) When the disease strikes, the nails… Read Article →